Butterfly valve, also called flap valve, is a simple structure of the adjustment valve, that can be used in low pressure pipelines to shut off flow. Rotating around the valve shaft to achieve open and close a valve.

According to the different connection forms, it can be divided into wafer butterfly valve, lug butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, welded butterfly valve, screw thread butterfly valve, clamp butterfly valve, and so on. Among the most commonly used connection forms are the wafer butterfly valve and lug butterfly valve.


The pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of a pneumatic actuator and a butterfly valve. Air actuated butterfly valve uses compressed air as the power source to drive the valve stem and control the rotation of the disc around the shaft to open and close the valve.

According to the pneumatic device can be divided into single-acting pneumatic butterfly valve and double-acting pneumatic butterfly valve.


Zhongfa Valve is a professional manufacturer of butterfly valve parts and butterfly valves, established in 2006, providing valves and butterfly valve parts products to more than 20 countries in the world, next, Zhongfa Valve will launch a detailed introduction of butterfly valve parts.


Butterfly valves are a family of quarter-turn rotational motion valves used in pipelines,   they are usually classified by construction and connection. ZFA is one of the famous wafer butterfly valve manufacturers, flange butterfly valve manufacturers, and lug butterfly valve manufacturers in China.

Types by Connection, they are four types.

ZFA Valve's electric butterfly valves are divided into the following two categories: centerline butterfly valves and eccentric butterfly valves, among which centerline butterfly valves are further divided into wafer butterfly valves, lug butterfly valves and flange butterfly valves.

Electric butterfly valves are assembled from butterfly valves and electric devices. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, textile, paper and other industries. The medium are usually natural gas, air, steam, water, seawater and oil. Motor operated butterfly valves are used to regulate the flow and cut off the medium on industrial pipelines.

We can provide the following kinds of API609 butterfly valves:

According to the connection, we have double-flange butterfly valvewafer butterfly valve and lug butterfly valve;

According to the material, we can provide ductile iron material, carbon steel material, stainless steel material, brass material, super duplex steel material;

According to the process, we can provide API609 butterfly valve with casting body and welding body.

PTFE Lining Valve also known as fluorine plastic lined corrosion resistant valves, are fluorine plastic molded into the inner wall of the steel or iron valve bearing parts or the outer surface of the valve inner parts. Fluorine plastics here mainly include: PTFE, PFA, FEP and others. FEP lined butterfly, teflon coated butterfly valve and FEP lined butterfly valve are usually used in strong corrosive media.

Our wafer butterfly valves are compliance with valve international standard of ASTM, ANSI, ISO, BS, DIN, GOST, JIS, KS and so on. Size DN40-DN1200, nominal pressure: 0.1Mpa~2.5Mpa, suitable temperature: -30℃ to 200℃.

We mainly export to totally 22 countries like US, Russia, Canada, Spain etc.

n terms of material, stainless steel butterfly valves are available in SS304, SS316, SS304L, SS316L, SS2205, SS2507, SS410, SS431, SS416, SS201, In terms of structure, stainless steel butterfly valves are available in centric and eccentric lines. Centric line stainless steel butterfly valves are generally made of stainless steel for the valve body, valve plate, and shaft, and EPDM or NBR for the valve seat, They are mainly designed for flow control and regulation of corrosive media, especially various strong acids, such as sulphuric acid and aqua regia.