What problems should we pay attention to in the soft gate valve procurement process?

I often encounter customer inquiries as below: "Hi, Beria, I need gate valve, can you quote for us?" Gate valves are our products, and we are very familiar with them. Quotation is definitely no problem, but how can I give him a quotation based on this inquiry? How to quote can help customers get orders, or purchase products that customers need? Clearly, these data alone are not enough. At this time, I usually ask the customer "what kind of gate valve do you need, what is the pressure, what is the size, do you have the medium and temperature?" Some customers will be very upset, I just want a price, you ask me So many questions, how unprofessional you are. Others didn't ask any questions, and just gave me a quotation. But, is it really that we are unprofessional? On the contrary, it is precisely because we are professional and responsible to you that we ask these questions. Yes, it is easy to quote, but it is not easy to help customers get orders. Now, let's analyze the points that need to be paid attention to in the inquiry and quotation of gate valves from the following aspects.

Generally speaking, the quotation elements of gate valves include shape (open rod or dark rod), pressure, diameter, material, and weight. In this article, we only discuss soft-sealed gate valves.

1. Form: There are two forms of soft-sealed gate valves, rising stem gate valve and concealed stem gate valve. The rising stem gate valve requires a relatively large operating space and is more suitable for pipeline projects on the ground. The valve stem does not move up and down, so it is suitable for underground pipeline projects.

Gate Valve Types

2. Pressure: For soft-sealed gate valves, the generally applicable pressure is PN10-PN16, Class150. No matter how high the pressure is, the rubber-covered plate will be deformed. We do not recommend the use of soft-sealed gate valves;

3. Size: This is relatively simple, the larger the caliber, the more expensive the valve;

4. Material: In terms of material, it is more detailed. Usually we talk about the material from the following aspects, valve body, valve plate, shaft; for soft-sealed gate valves, the most commonly used valve body material is ductile iron body. The valve plate is a ductile iron-clad rubber plate. There are many choices for the valve shaft, carbon steel shaft, 2cr13 shaft, stainless steel shaft, and the gland of the gate valve is different from the iron gland and the brass gland. For corrosive media, usually It is recommended to use brass nuts and brass glands, which do not contain corrosive media, and general iron nuts and iron glands are sufficient.

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5. Weight: The weight here refers to the weight of a single valve, which is also a factor that is easily overlooked. Is the material determined, and the price is determined for the gate valve of the same size? the answer is negative. In order to meet different market demands, valve manufacturers make the thickness of the valves different, which results in that even if the material is the same, the size is the same, the structural length is the same, the outer diameter of the flange and the center distance of the flange hole are the same, but The thickness of the valve body is not the same, and the weight of the gate valve of the same size will also vary greatly. For example, the same DN100, DIN F4 dark stem soft seal gate valve, we have 6 kinds of weight, 10.5kg, 12kg, 14kg, 17kg, 19kg, 21kg, obviously, the heavier the weight, the more expensive the price. As a professional purchaser, you need to know what kind of working condition the product you need is used in, what quality the customer needs, and what kind of price the customer accepts. For our factory, we definitely want customers to buy high-quality products, so that after-sales will be much less. However, due to market demand, we must diversify our products in order to gain more market share.

Gate Valve Weights

Through the analysis of the above aspects, I believe that you must have a better understanding of purchasing soft-sealed gate valves. If you still have questions about purchasing gate valves, please contact Zhongfa Valve, and we will do our best to help you solve the problems.

Post time: Dec-28-2022