What Is The Difference Between Gate Valve And Butterfly Valve?

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Gate valves and butterfly valves are two very commonly used valves. They are very different in terms of their own structures, usage methods, and adaptability to working conditions. This article will help users better understand the differences between gate valves and butterfly valves. Better help users make valve selection.

Before explaining the difference between gate valve and butterfly valve, let's take a look at the respective definitions of the two. Maybe you can find the difference between the two carefully from the definition.


Gate valve, as the name suggests, can cut off the medium in the pipeline like a gate, and is a kind of valve that we all use in production and life. The opening and closing part of the gate valve is called the gate, and the gate moves up and down, and its movement direction is perpendicular to the flow direction of the medium in the fluid pipeline; the gate valve is a cut-off valve, which can only be fully opened or fully closed, and the flow cannot be adjusted.


Butterfly valve, also known as flap valve. Its opening and closing part is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which is fixed on the valve stem and rotates around the valve stem valve axis to realize opening and closing. The direction of movement of the butterfly valve is to rotate in situ, and only need to rotate 90° from fully open to fully closed. In addition, the butterfly plate of the butterfly valve itself does not have self-locking ability, and a worm gear reducer needs to be installed on the valve stem. With it, the butterfly plate has self-locking ability, and it can also improve the operating performance of the butterfly valve.

Knowing the definition of gate valve and butterfly valve, the difference between gate valve and butterfly valve is introduced below:


1. The difference in athletic ability

In the above definition, we understand the difference in the direction and mode of movement of gate valves and butterfly valves. In addition, gate valves can only be fully open and fully closed, so when fully open, gate valves have smaller flow resistance; butterfly valves In the fully open state, the thickness of the butterfly valve creates resistance to the flowing medium. In addition, the gate valve has a high opening height, so the opening and closing speed is slow; while the butterfly valve can be opened and closed by only rotating 90°, so the opening and closing speed is fast.


2. The difference between function and use

The gate valve has good sealing performance, so it is mostly used in pipelines that require strict sealing and do not need to be switched repeatedly to cut off the circulating medium. The gate valve cannot be used to adjust the flow rate. In addition, because the opening and closing speed of the gate valve is slow, it is not suitable for the pipeline that needs to be cut off urgently. The use of butterfly valves is relatively wider. Butterfly valves can not only be used to cut off, but also have the function of adjusting the size of the flow. In addition, the butterfly valve opens and closes quickly, and can also be opened and closed frequently, especially suitable for use in occasions that require quick opening or shutting off.

The size of the butterfly valve is smaller than that of the gate valve, and its weight is also lighter than that of the gate valve. Therefore, in some environments with limited installation space, it is recommended to use a more space-saving wafer butterfly valve. Among the large-diameter valves, the butterfly valve is the most used, and it is also recommended to use the butterfly valve in the medium pipeline containing small particles of impurities.

In the selection of valves in many working conditions, butterfly valves have gradually replaced other types of valves and become the first choice of many users.


3. The difference in price

Under the same pressure and the same caliber, the price of the gate valve is higher than that of the butterfly valve. However, the caliber of the butterfly valve can be made very large, and the price of the large caliber butterfly valve is not cheaper than that of the gate valve.

Post time: Jul-06-2023