Comparison Of Pinned Butterfly Valve And Pinless Butterfly Valve

In the purchase of butterfly valves, we often hear the sayings of pinned butterfly valve and pinless butterfly valve. Because of technological reasons, pinless butterfly valve is usually more expensive than pinless butterfly valve, which makes many customers think whether the pinless butterfly valve is more expensive than the pinless butterfly valve. Is a pin butterfly valve better? How about the comparison between pinned butterfly valve and pinless butterfly valve?

From the appearance point of view, the most essential difference between the pinned butterfly valve and the pinless butterfly valve is: whether there is a tapered pin positioning on the valve plate. The connection between the valve plate and the valve stem with a pin is a pin butterfly valve, and vice versa is a pinless butterfly valve. For pinned butterfly valves and pinless butterfly valves, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The Specific Situation Is As Follows:

Appearance comparison - the pinned butterfly valve has obvious pin head protrusions on the appearance, which is not as smooth and beautiful as the pinless butterfly valve, but it does not have a huge impact on the overall appearance.

Process comparison - the structure and processing process of the pin butterfly valve will be relatively simple, but if maintenance is required after long-term use, it will be more troublesome to disassemble the shaft and valve plate. It is not easy to remove the valve stem because the pins usually hit are piled and pressed hard with a press. The pinless butterfly valve will be relatively complicated in structure and technology because of the different ways of transmitting torque, but the later maintenance and disassembly are more convenient and convenient for maintenance.

Pinless Butterfly Valve1

Stability comparison - Butterfly valves with pins are more stable than those without pins because they are fixed with pins. The pinless structure affects the action accuracy due to the wear of the mating surface of the shaft and the gate after long-term action.

Sealing Comparison - Finally, let's look at the sealing effect comparison. There is a saying that in the actual application of the butterfly valve with pin, the medium may penetrate from the place where the pin is pinned to between the valve plate and the valve stem. The hidden danger caused by this is that the pin is corroded and fractured after a long time, resulting in the valve not working, or the problem of ejector leakage or internal leakage in the pipeline.

To sum up, comparing the pinned butterfly valve and the pinless butterfly valve, objectively speaking, each design has its own characteristics and advantages, and it is impossible to simply say which is better. As long as we choose the most suitable product for our cost budget and our working conditions, it is a good product for us.

Post time: Sep-21-2022