SS PN10/16 Class150 Lug Knife Gate Valve

Stainless steel lug type knife gate valve flange standard is according to DIN PN10, PN16,Class 150 and JIS 10K. A wide variety of stainless steel options are available to our customers, such as CF8, CF8M, CF3M, 2205, 2207. Knife gate valves are used in a wide range of applications,such as pulp and paper, mining,bulk transport,waste water treatment, and etc.

  • Size: 2”-80”/DN50-DN2000
  • Pressure Rating: PN10/16, 150LB
  • Warranty: 18 Month
  • Brand Name: ZFA Valve
  • Service: OEM
  • Product Detail

    Product Detail

    Size & Pressure Rating & Standard
    Size DN40-DN2000
    Pressure Rating DN50-100  PN16  DN150-200  PN10  DN250-400  PN7  DN450-600  PN5   DN650-750  PN4  DN800-900  PN3  DN1000   PN2
    Design Standard JB/T8691-2013
    Flange Standard GB/T15188.2-94 chart6-7
    Test Standard GB/T13927-2008
    Body Ductile iron; WCB; CF8; CF8M; 2205; 2507
    Disc SS304; SS316; 2205; 2507; 1.4529
    Stem/Shaft SS410/420/416; SS431; SS304; Monel
    Seat Stainless Steel+STL EPDM (120°C) /Viton(200°C)/PTFE(200°C) /NBR(90°C)
    Bushing PTFE, Bronze
    O Ring NBR, EPDM, FKM
    Actuator Gear Box, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator

    Product Display

    SS PN10 16 Class150 Lug Knife Gate Valve (2)
    SS PN10 16 Class150 Lug Knife Gate Valve (1)
    SS PN10 16 Class150 Lug Knife Gate Valve (4)
    SS PN10 16 Class150 Lug Knife Gate Valve (6)
    SS PN10 16 Class150 Lug Knife Gate Valve (5)
    SS PN10 16 Class150 Lug Knife Gate Valve (3)

    Product Advantage

    Knife gate valves are mainly used in papermaking, chemical fiber, petrochemical, metallurgy, mud, electricity, sewage treatment. In pharmaceutical and other working conditions, the knife gate valve is mainly composed of a valve body and a gate. The material of the valve body is ductile iron, carbon steel and stainless steel, and the sealing surface is made of natural wear-resistant rubber, fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, and EPDM rubber. And metal sealing, from the structural point of view, the knife gate valve has a compact design, takes up little space, and can effectively support the strength of the pipeline.

    There are 3 features as below:
    1. Stainless Steel stem with good corrosion resistance offers a long service life. For rising stem only, a stem protector can be provided for additional protection against dust while the valve in the open position.
    2. All ZFA cast iron and cast steel valve bodies and components are epoxy coated, well protecting inner port and surface against corrosive and firty conditions for longer service life. The ZFA standard coating color is RAL5050.
    3. Deflection cone, V or pentagonal port, Injection holes, Locking device, Solenoid valve, Positioners, Limit switches, Proximity switches, Magnetic switches, Air filter, Stem extension etc.

    ZFA Valve strictly execute API598 standard, we do both side pressure testing for all the valve 100%, guarantee deliver 100% quality valves to our customers.

    The valve body adopt GB standard material, there’re total 15 process from iron to valve body.

    The quality inspection from the blank to the finished product is 100% guaranteed.

    ZFA Valve focus on valves production for 17 years, with professional production team, we can help our customers to archive your goals with our stable quality.

    Company Advantage

    Tianjin Zhongfa Valve Co., Ltd. Founded in 2006, a valve manufacturer in Tianjin, China. Mainly produce butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve, knife gate valve etc.

    We keep in high efficiency and strictly management of quality control, provide timely and effective pre-sale, sale and after-sales service in order to achieve effectiveness and customer satisfaction. We have gotten the ISO9001, CE Certification.

    Valve Parts Machining: We not only supply valve, but also valve parts, mainly body, disc, stem and handle. Some of our regular customers keeping order valve parts more than 10 years, we also produce valve parts mold according to your drawing.

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