DI CI SS304 Flange Connection Y Strainer

Y-type flange filter is a necessary filter equipment for hydraulic control valve and precise mechanical products. It is usually installed at the inlet of hydraulic control valve and other equipment to prevent particulate impurities from entering into the channel, resulting in blockage, so that the valve or other equipment can not be used normally. The strainer has the advantages of simple structure, small flow resistance,and can remove dirt on line without removal. 

  • Size: 2”-20”/DN50-DN500
  • Pressure Rating: PN6/PN10/16
  • Warranty: 18 Month
  • Brand Name:: ZFA Valve
  • Service: OEM
  • Product Detail

    Product Detail

    Size & Pressure Rating & Standard
    Size DN50-DN600
    Pressure Rating PN10, PN16, CL150
    Connection STD ASME B16.5 CL150, EN1092
    Body WCB, TP304, TP316, TP316L
    Screen SS304, SS316, SS316L

    Product Display

    Strainer (26)
    Strainer (16)
    Strainer (9)
    Strainer (5)
    Strainer (1)
    Strainer (1)(1)

    Product Advantage

    Of course, a Y-strainer won't work properly without a properly sized mesh filter. To find the right filter for your project or job, it's important to understand the basics of screen meshes and screen sizes. There are two terms used to describe the size of the opening in the filter through which debris passes. One is microns and the other is grid size. While these are two different measurements, they describe the same thing.

    Y-strainers use perforated or wire mesh strainers to mechanically remove solids from flowing steam, gas or liquid piping systems and are used to protect equipment. From simple low pressure cast iron threaded filters to large high pressure special alloy units with custom cover designs.

    Generally speaking, a Y-strainer is critical wherever cleaning fluids are required. While clean fluids help maximize the reliability and longevity of any mechanical system, they are especially important for solenoid valves. This is because solenoid valves are very sensitive to dirt and only work properly in clean liquids or air. If any solids get into the stream, it can damage or even damage the entire system. Therefore, the Y-strainer is a good complementary part.

    The shape is beautiful, and the pressure test hole is preset on the body.

    Easy and fast to use. The threaded plug on the valve body can be replaced with a ball valve according to the user's request, and its outlet can be connected to the sewage pipe, so that the sewage can be dredged under pressure without removing the valve cover. 

    Filters with different filtration precisions can be provided according to user requirements, making the cleaning of the filter more convenient.

    The design of the fluid channel is scientific and reasonable, the flow resistance is small, and the flow rate is large. The total area of the grid is 3-4 times the DN.

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