DI PN10/16 Class150 Soft Sealing Gate Valve for Water Pipe

Due to the choice of sealing material are EPDM or NBR. The soft seal gate valve can be applied at a maximum temperature of 80°C. Usually used in water treatment pipelines for water and waste water. Soft sealing gate valves are available in various design standards, such as British Standard, German Standard, American Standard。Nominal pressure of the soft gate valve is PN10,PN16 or Class150. 

  • Size: 2”-48”/DN50-DN1200
  • Pressure Rating: PN10/16, JIS5K/10K, 150LB
  • Warranty: 18 Month
  • Brand Name: ZFA Valve
  • Service: OEM
  • Product Detail

    Product Detail

    Size & Pressure Rating & Standard
    Size DN40-DN1200
    Pressure Rating PN10, PN16, CL150
    Face to Face STD BS5163, DIN3202 F4, API609 
    Connection STD BS 4504 PN6/PN10/PN16, DIN2501 PN6/PN10/PN16, ISO 7005 PN6/PN10/PN16, JIS 5K/10K/16K,  ASME B16.1 125LB, ASME B16.1 150LB, AS 2129 Table D and E
    Upper Flange STD ISO 5211
    Body Cast Iron(GG25), Ductile Iron(GGG40/50)
    Disc Cast Iron(GG25), Ductile Iron(GGG40/50)
    Stem/Shaft Stainless Steel 304(SS304/316/410/420)
    Seat CF8/CF8M+EPDM
    Bushing PTFE, Bronze
    O Ring NBR, EPDM, FKM
    Actuator Gear Box, Electric Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator

    Product Display

    Non-rising Stem Gate Valve (42)
    Non-rising Stem Gate Valve (38)
    Non-rising Stem Gate Valve (35)
    Non-rising Stem Gate Valve (37)
    Non-rising Stem Gate Valve (27)
    Non-rising Stem Gate Valve (23)

    Product Advantage

    The stem nut of the non rising stem resilient gate valve is in direct contact with the medium in the valve body. When opening and closing the valve, it is realized by rotating the valve stem. The advantage is that the height of the valve does not change when the valve is opened and closed, so the installation space is relatively small, and it is suitable for large-diameter valves and pipelines with limited installation space, such as underground pipelines, but the valve must be equipped with an opening and closing indicator to show valve opening. The disadvantage is that the valve stem thread is in direct contact with the medium, which is easily corroded by the medium, and at the same time cannot be lubricated, so it is easily damaged.

    The working temperature of the resilient Seated Gate Valve is from -20 to 120℃ according to the materials. No restrication torwards the fluid’s direction and no turbulence to the flow, it will also not reduce the pressure
    Epoxy painted inside is anti-corrosion as well as avoiding the secondday pollution to the fluid. The wedge is coated with EPDM, the EPDM proportion can reach 50%,steable and good resilient
    Each product will be carried out appearance, material, air tightness, pressure and shell testing before leaving the factory ; unqualified products are resolutely not allowed to leave the factory.

    It is used as a cutoff and adjusting equipment for the various water supply and drainage pepeline in building ,chemial ,medicine,textile,ship and other  industries. Zhongfa valve can offer OEM &ODM gate valves and parts in China.Zhongfa valve's philosophy is to seek for high quality products with optimal service with the most ecmonical price. All valve product are test two times before shipping to ensure the quality of the product. Welcome to visit our factories. We will show the Craftsmanship of the valves.

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